TAAS 2021 Session Recordings

Day 1 Opening Remarks

Kelley Douglas: “Leveraging Relationships in University Fundraising: An Analysis of Faculty Advisee Groups and Alumni Networks”

Onochie Fan-Osuala: “Online Buzz Evolution Patterns and Crowdfunding Campaign Performance”

Colton Strawser: “Does Being Engaged Benefit the Bottom Line? Community Engagement and its Effects on Fundraising Performance”

Jim Dries, Juan Garcia: “Proposals of Hope: Optimism Versus Analytics”

Day 1 Closing Remarks 

Day 2 Opening Remarks

Klaus Mueller, Eric Papenhausen: “Patterns of Philanthropy: Using Pattern Mining for Predictive Analysis in Advancement and Fund Raising”


John Gough: “Data Modernization: A Case Study in Improving Data Architecture for Advanced Analytics” 

Marianne Pelletier, Gergory Duke: “The Nimble Annual Giving Program: A Responsive Approach to Fundraising”

Day 2 Closing Remarks