TAAS 2022 Virtual Event Schedule

Our program for 2022 focuses on the theme of “The Democratization of Analytics: How the Confluence of Tools, Data Literacy, and Organizational Maturity are Changing the Analytics Landscape“. To learn more about our speakers, visit our speakers page.


 Monday, June 27th, 2022

11:00 AM CT    |     TAAS Co-Chairs: Symposium Opening Remarks


11:30 AM CT    |     Marianne Pelletier: Optimizing Giving Day: A Case Study in Using Machine Learning for a Constituency-Wide Campaign


12:30 PM CT    |     Vijay Arora: Decentralization of Data: An Architectural Perspective


01:30 PM CT    |     Break

02:00 PM CT   |     Michael Speight: Analysis of Alumni Giving Based on Student Activity Involvement: Multivariate Logistic Regression Modeling


03:00 PM CT   |      Greg Duke: Take Me Out to the Fundraising Game: What Fundraising Analytics and Analysts can Learn from Sports Analysis


04:00 PM CT   |      TAAS Co-Chairs: Closing Remarks