TAAS 2020 Virtual Event Schedule

Our program for 2020 focuses on the theme of “Advancement Analytics – The Current State and Future Opportunities“. Submissions fell into two logical categories which have been used to inform our schedule below. Session I focuses on theory, while Session II focuses on practice. To learn more about our speakers, visit our speakers page.


 Session 1


Monday, June 15th, 2020

11:00 AM CST    |     TAAS Co-Chairs: Symposium Opening Remarks


11:30 AM CST     |     Ashutosh Nandeshwar: Data Science for Fundraising: a Review of Analytics in Fundraising


01:00 PM CST    |     Jim Dries: Leveraging Insights from Other Industries to Accelerate Data-Driven Success in University Fundraising


02:30 PM CST     |     Melissa Cox: Observations on how Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Business of Philanthropy


04:00 PM CST    |      TAAS Co-Chairs: Session I Closing Remarks


 Session 2


Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

11:00 AM CST    |     TAAS Co-Chairs: Session II Opening Remarks


11:30 AM CST     |     Amanda Jeppson & Rebecca StapleyHidden Voices: Using Social Listening to Uncover Audience Insights and Boost Advancement


01:00 PM CST     |     Marianne Pelletier: When XGBoost Tree Meets Humanity: An Exploration of Implementing New Machine Learning Techniques Into Every Day Fundraising


02:30 PM CST    |     David Schemitsch: Predicting Capacity with Machine Learning


04:00 PM CST     |     TAAS Co-Chairs: Symposium Closing Remarks